Novellia logo
New identity for an exciting, future-focused health data company.
McGrath Identity Design
Identity re-design for a 43 year old, publicly traded company.
Custom logo type for the world's first wine discovery platform.
More games!
Package design for
The Lundquist Institute Identity System
Symbol, wordmark and identity guidelines for The Lundquist Institute (formerly LA BioMed).
Tile - Corporate Values
Poster series, mini-brochure, postcards and sticker set communicating corporate value system for Tile Inc.
The Homestead
Complete identity design, including signage, merchandise poster and social media applications for a classic San Francisco drinking establishment.
Funk Dub Division, "The Deep Cuts"
Album and CD cover design for Funk Dub Division's "The Deep Cuts."
Raising funds for Puerto Rican hurricane relief.
Identity/graphic/shirt design aimed at raising funds for Puerto Rican hurricane relief via the campaign #puertoricoisastateofmine with a goal to raise $1M.
FERNO Grills
Identity and website for BBQ grill company.
Black Pot Shirts
Identity design and creative direction for new t-shirt company.
Logo wordmark, overall look and feel and identity guidelines for Altaba Inc. (formerly Yahoo, Inc.).
Alit Wines
Logo, label and package design for new wine brand.
Tasty Made
Complete identity system for new burger, fries and shake fast-food restaurant. Project included logo, packaging, signage and marketing support materials.
Project BLUE
Identity design for a new science initiative to capture the first photograph of a potential Earth-like planet orbiting another Sun-like star.
Chipotle Gift Cards
Various gift card visuals and social media promotion images and animations.
Open Impact
Identity for consultancy that partners with philanthropic and social change leaders to bring together the best people, ideas, tools, and resources to address the critical issues of our day.
New identity, including voice and tone, for a re-imagined Yahoo Small Business.
Generation Tux
Logo and monogram design for on-line tux rental company.
Creative direction and design for complete identity system, including corporate signage and style guide.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Creative Direction of logo redesign and signage implementation program.
Zynga Plus Poker
Identity design for real-money gambling web-sites.
Chipotle Adobo Awards
Award and presentation graphic design for the first ever, Chipotle Adobo Awards honoring Chipotle's top performers at their bi-annual All Managers Conference.
Baruch Future Ventures
Identity for a entrepreneurial investing group generating positive outcomes for investors and the world.
Chipotle Development Conference
Presentation title slides and attendee notebook for company wide development conference.
Package design for wordy, wondrous and wild games for all ages.
Left 2 Write
Art Direction, photography and design.
20 Logos
Twenty logos that I have designed.
Identity concept for a resort development project set in Southeast Asia.
Chipotle 2014 All Managers Conference
Design and direction of event identity, signage and support graphics for the 2014 Chipotle All Managers Conference. This bi-annual event plays host to approximately 5000 attendees.
Moment Ventures
Complete identity design for new venture capital firm. Including web site, PowerPoint template, business cards and basic style guide.
Creative direction and redesign of complete brand identity system. Including print, web, mobile web, packaging, exhibit and point-of-sale.
Logo design for new digital camera.
Complete brand identity design for a consumer technology and services company, providing integration solutions for mobile media services and devices.
Open Table iPad app
UI/UX design extension of the Open Table app to the iPad
Packaging, print collateral web and POS display design for sunglass company.
FarmVille 2
Logo design for popular on-line game.
Old Mother Hubbard packaging
Complete brand and package system re-design for a family owned pet food manufacturer.
Twenty MORE Logos
Twenty MORE logos that I have designed.
Identity design, character development, web site application UI/UX design.
Simply Asia
Brand and package design for boil-and-serve, all natural noodles. Project completed in partnership with Benitez Design.
Complete identity redesign for a full service PR firm in San Francisco.
Funk Dub Division, The Imports
Album art design for local musician.
Lay's Brand Essence Sketch
Concept sketch for a Lay's Brand Essence piece that would accompany a brand guideline.
MultiMedia Live Identity
Logo, business system, postcard and t-shirt design for eCommerce software and services company. Project completed in partnership with Benitez Design.
Neura Vet Formulated Dog Food
Complete brand and packaging redesign for a veterinarian formulated dog food.
Family Room
Complete identity design for a Community acupuncture studio. Including logo, business card, brochure and bumper sticker.
Complete package system design covering approximately 1500 SKU's.
Bently's Best
Private label package system design for Old Mother Hubbard that serviced a local grocery store chain.
Spectrum Naturals Cooking Oils Packaging
Complete package system re-design for a line of all natural cooking oils. Project completed in partnership with Benitez Design.
UMI Asian Botanicals Packaging
Umi Asian Botanicals, a new line of imported bath and body care products, combines traditional Asian blends of native plant essences with pure, natural ingredients. Each package features a hand-applied label with astriking photograph of the product's botanical ingredients, evoking ancient Eastern bathing traditions and making a splash on the shelf. Project completed in partnership with Benitez Design.
Lori Markman Showroom
Logo design for a fashion clothing representative.
Scott's Farm
Brand and package system designed specifically to compete at the commodity level.
Soul Daddy (America's Next Great Restaurant)
Complete brand identity for America's Next Great Restaurant reality television show winner. Work included logo, web site, mural and signage design.
Logo design for a local salon.
Anson's All Natural Candy
Brand and package design for an all natural candy company.
Funk Dub Division
CD cover design for local musician.
Complete identity design for a rights management group.
Complete identity and web site redesign.
Talbott Vineyards
Brochure layout and design for winery.
Complete identity and web site design for social networking company.
Complete identity system design for a global mobile payments company.
Brand creation and package design.
Complete package system redesign.
Dub Club
CD cover for local musician.
Complete UI/UX concept design for insurance benefits managements application.
The Lambrechts Group
Logo and web design for a food and beverage marketing consultant.
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